77 days 2021, electric and fresh.

The natural white grenache wine ferments spontaneously in an express container. The native variety par excellence of the Terra Alta allows us to produce this natural monovarietal wine, which is far from and marks a difference from the treatment of traditional wines.
Made with Grenache produced in a selected own vineyard, following a regenerative and ecological viticulture, respecting the natural times of the land and trying to maintain its balance, essential for natural wine.
We make the pie de cuba in the Celler Arrufí vineyard or garden to obtain the yeast from the grape itself.
Once the yeast is obtained, it is added to the must and it is gently pressed until spontaneous alcoholic fermentation takes place. In this process, the oxidizable substances contained in the must fall and precipitate spontaneously at the base of the tank, ending up in a clean wine with a diaphanous color. It is a wine that is not clarified or filtered before bottling.
Grenache produced in a sustainable way and based on regenerative viticulture.
77 dies is made with minimal intervention in the cellar,It is a natural, organic wine and suitable for vegans. Although obviously a natural wine includes or must include these requirements.

  • Characteristics of a good natural wine, such as 77 dies white grenache, from Celler Arrufí:
  1. Native variety of the region, the white grenache.
  2. Yeast obtained from the grape itself, no commercial yeasts are added.
  3. Neither the acidity, nor the sugars, nor the color are corrected.
  4. It is not filtered, clarified, or micro-oxygenated
  5. It is not stabilized using chemicals.
  6. No added sulfites.

77 dies, a name with an extensive meaning, which is given by a Japanese proverb.

77 days, it seemed to us a name with an external meaningnso that leaves cadto ornot play with your imagination, time and waiting, and it has its origin in a Japanese proverb that says that in about 75 to 77 days is the time it takes for a rumor to go away.
77 days It is a very common Japanese proverb that is used to downplay criticism or a rumor about a situation and implies that time, in this case 77 days, will be in charge of denying it or forgetting it, in any case it is always positive.

And this proverb compares the elaboration of our natural wine, 77 dies, the time, the calm and the balance to obtain the nuances of this sumptuous wine..

Tasting note of 77 days 2021, a natural wine based on regenerative and ecological viticulture.

  • VISUALAppearance: Pale yellow color with greenish notes.
  • OLFACTORYAppearance: On the nose it is direct with citrus and mineral notes and also light balsamic notes.
  • TASTETaste: On the palate it is direct “electric” fresh with a balanced acidity accompanied by notes of acid fruit and Mediterranean herbs with a long finish that invites you to drink.
Sea bass ceviche and 77 dies of white grenache, perfect pairing.

Perfect to choose and pair 77 dies with a good plate of white fish or shellfish, because it is balanced in its acidity, and at the same time fresh and electric, with those notes of Mediterranean herbs that Grenache Blanca gives and that you cannot stop drinking.
Choose a dish that makes the pairing a good combination that guarantees the stimulation of the taste buds, an art where you learn to savor, to know, to acculturate both with the world of wine and gastronomy, but also a way to have fun, socialize and enjoy life.
Balance always balance, fish or seafood dishes pair perfectly with delicate wines, find the right balance so that the flavor of the dish does not overpower the wine and vice versa.

77 dies is one of those wines that enhance a good white fish.

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