Consumers have already begun to value AUTHENTIC wines, which convey their territory, their vintage and the personality of where they come from.

Organic viticulture is essential for natural wines.

There are people who ask me the difference between conventional wines and natural wines and the difference is very simple and basic and that is that, in natural wines, the sulfur that it produces is naturally during its fermentation, the alcoholic fermentation of the must, always Starting from an ecological viticulture, essential for the production of natural wines, absolutely nothing is added, and of course no type of additive, it begins with a grape that enters the winery with impeccable health and I insist on respecting times in the oenological process. of the must. Always balanced, in this way it evolves naturally, reflecting the land, the vintage, of course, the variety that has been used, red garnacha for our natural wine, 77 nits.

Ecological by nature.

Nothing is added or removed, we do not use any additives during the vinification process because we seek to reflect what the land gives, above all things and any other objective, and it is neither filtered nor clarified to preserve its natural characteristics. .

An imperative work philosophy for the natural wines of Celler Arrufí.

  • 77 nits is a wine made solely and exclusively from grapes, without any other additives, from organic farming. Natural wines recover the ancestral methods in their elaboration, where there was a respect and balance for and for nature, and in this case in the natural evolution of the wine.
  • In the winery, the wines are bottled without filtering or clarifying and no sulphites, commercial yeasts or any chemical additive are added for their preservation.
  • We have no doubt that natural wines are faithful in transmitting the Garnacha Tinta, the variety we use for 77 nits of Celler Arrufí, because it is a wine that is not corrected, neither the sugar, nor the acidity nor the tannins are corrected, but rather evolving in a way that yes, controlled and impeccably accompanying the entire process.
  • Nor is it stabilized using chemical substances or oenological techniques, nor is micro-oxygenation or any other process that accelerates or simulates natural processes carried out.
  • Acidity is not corrected, aromas are not added or wood chips are not used to flavor
  • The sulphites it contains are those created naturally by the wine.
  • We follow the lunar calendar when bottling them.
  • Why? Because the moon over the earth has a very significant influence, in the oceans it can raise and lower tides, therefore, when it comes to bottling 77 NITS, we take it very much into account, in this way we know that all the characteristics are bottled in the maximum expression to be enjoyed in all senses.
Natural wines are wines that must express what the winery wants to convey.

Practice ecological and regenerative viticulture.

Commitment to the environment in which we live.

Vineyards that we follow very closely, they are our vineyards, a native variety of the Terra Alta, the Grenache.

77nits from Celler Arrufí

The variety we use, Garnacha Tinta, reflects each vintage. The organoleptic characteristics that we perceive are

purest, the smell, the color, the flavor regardless of additives or oenological processes makes 77 nits a wine with charisma, with

rich nuances full of life, a personal and electric wine.

Elaboration from 77 nits:

Fermented with native yeasts from a pie de cuba made in the vineyard where the grapes were harvested.

Fermentation with the skins for 21 days, in a stainless steel tank with a controlled temperature of 22-25 °C, carrying out

several pumpovers depending on the moment of alcoholic fermentation that is found. Once finished fermenting

it is pressed and returned to the stainless steel tank where the malolactic fermentation ends, it is transferred and left to settle naturally until bottling.

77 nits is a wine that it is not filtered, it is not clarified, without added sulphitesdidoes.
A dish to enjoy with a good wine, 77 nits a fresh and electric Garnacha Tinta wine.


VisualAppearance: Medium intense cherry red colour.

olfactoryAppearance: Aromas of red forest strawberries and balsamic notes with a very interesting background of Mediterranean herbs.

tasteTaste: On the palate it is direct and fresh, with mineral touches and notes of red strawberries and also "blood orange" citrus notes, with ripe and elegant tannins.

Pairing: 77 nits red goes with pasta and lasagna, poultry and grilled meat.

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