At Celler Arrufí we look for the power of each variety and not only this, but we also look for the characteristic of each plot, it is for this reason that we vinify each plot separately and this means that each of the vinifications has its maceration time and temperature.

Trufes is a plot facing the outgoing sun, at the edge of the north wind, and which has a fresh honeycomb soil. The quality of this plot and its prevailing winds mean that it has a great temperature contrast between day and night.

This peculiarity makes it finally produce a long and good maturation.

Truffle Carignan
A land where years ago we decided to plant Cariñena, dry, the characteristics of this honeycomb allow this variety to ripen well, enduring very well the water stress of summer.

On the same plot we chose the 2 adjoining terraces with the poorest soil, it is a place with incredible energy, pure magnetism, a place that does not leave you indifferent, it was there that we decided, that was where it had to be... to choose the Cariñena to make a wine that touches the soul.

sustainable carignan

For us, who were behind this dream, it is a way of helping nature, so that the process continues its course, that it flows just and necessary so that the fruit and consequently the wine can continue to mature.

You have to know how to plant and wait to get results, the wine knows it and is grateful.
Adjacent terraces of Trufes

With a production of 800 grams per vine and a slow maturation, almost profiled and that we harvest manually, it entered the winery at the perfect moment. We fermented in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature with careful pissage and without crushing, the grape grain it was worked whole with a fair maceration. Elaborating a part of this Cariñena in a ceramic amphora will help us to maintain and refine the wine without the influence of another type of material such as toasted oak.

With the amphora we are going to get a breath of micro-oxygenation, it is going to polish and pollinate the tannins of the grape, giving it that point at which we will get smoothness, giving a very refined result, it is going to give it a lot of freshness, a lot of fruit and that mineral part that the soil has, to enhance all that essence and very important, It will contribute what interests us, transmitting in a pure way the variety of Cariñena, the authenticity, the characteristics of this plant, of this grape that makes me fall in love.

We do not want to mask or influence this wine by any very aggressive contribution of wood, but rather it has to transport us from where it comes from, to produce a crystalline, pure wine that has that elegant, fine point of tannin.

That elegant point of tannin

In short, looking for the authenticity of the truffle plot and the variety that is the idea that we want to convey in the production of this wine.

We are going to make a production of numbered and very limited bottles

regenerative viticulture
One of the areas of the Terra Alta with more energy

We intend to elaborate it very carefully, with minimal intervention and without filtering or clarifying. To finish bottling in the waning lunar phase, we believe it is important, since that is how we take advantage of all the potential that we have been working on.

Give prominence to the plot, the vineyard, the terroir because this is a terroir wine, the vinification and aging is very important, but the most important thing is the know-how based on regenerative viticulture, the weather, the vineyard, the situation geographical, holistic and, differentiate it as a small singularity and peculiarity that for this variety, the cariñena, will transmit and create spectacular synergies.

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