77 dies, the natural white Garnacha wine from Celler Arrufí

77 dies 2022, a natural wine 100% Garnacha Blanca from one of our plots.

A young, natural wine, and different from the traditional wines of this variety.

White Garnacha from one of our "Trufes" farms in organic certification.

WE WORK AND BELIEVE IN REGENERATIVE VITICULTURE, everything goes hand in hand, organic and sustainable viticulture cannot be done without regenerative viticulture.

Regenerative and sustainable viticulture for these wines.

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Honeycomb soil and moderately sandy texture, fast drainage, with little organic matter. Deep soils, Trufes has that magic that you feel when you get close, energy that catches you and is palpable, I have already said it on occasion, the wines that come from this estate are wines that reflect that energy. Fermented with native yeasts. Fermentation with 10% from the skins for 21 days in a stainless steel vat at controlled temperature, once fermented, it is transferred and left naturally until bottled. It is not filtered or clarified. No added sulfites.

77dies is made in a natural way, as in the past, and it shows.
The pie de cuba is made in the same vineyard to obtain the yeast from the grape itself, in a spontaneous way.
Once the yeast is obtained, it is added to the must and gently pressed until alcoholic fermentation occurs. In this process, the oxidizable substances contained in the wine fall and precipitate spontaneously at the base of the tank, which is why we say no. we clarify it artificially, but the must itself performs that function in a fluid way AND ON TIME, ending in a clean, golden yellow wine.

77 dies we neither add nor remove anything, pure fermented grape juice that follows the fermentation and clarification guidelines at the right time, the one it needs.

Both on the land, in our vineyards, working on them and based on regenerative and sustainable viticulture, as well as in the winery, we produce with minimal intervention, we follow the guidelines that each vintage and each variety asks of us, we believe that the less the Garnacha from our natural wine more authenticity we will obtain and that is what we look for in our natural wines, that they speak of where they come from, not only that they express fruitiness.

The white Garnacha, our variety and the Terra Alta variety allow this wine to clearly express the plot, the vintage and even the decisions that we have made throughout the year and that have to do with regenerative viticulture itself, in final with the land.

77 days
pair and enjoy 77 days

77 days 2022:

  • View: Pale yellow color with golden reflections.
  • NOSE: On the nose, citrus and mineral notes come out, as well as light menthol and balsamic notes.
  • MOUTH: On the palate it is "electric" and fresh, with a balanced acidity, with a point of ripe apple and Mediterranean herbs and a long finish that invites you to drink.
  • How to pair this natural and certified organic wine.
  • 77 days you can pair it with fish, like a good baked sea bream, with white meats such as pularda or roasted free-range chicken or with vegetables.
  • With a good soupy rice inspired by the sea or with vegetable tempura, in short, a classic that delights the senses.
  • Served between 9 °C and 12 °C

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