A good pairing

A concept that we like, that allows us to enjoy and that makes us feel good when we say the word.
The first thing that comes to mind when we want to get started in wine is: how do I make a good pairing? It's simple, it's about combine a certain dish with a wine and that is where the crux of the matter comes from.

  • First of all, decide the dish that we are going to prepare, its ingredients and, as important or more, will be the type of cooking that we will use.
  • Second choose the ideal wine and merge … Finding the perfect combination of the two elements, that is when the texture and flavor of both the dish and the accompanying wine can vary and be an enjoyment for the senses, and an explosion of flavors. In this case we are going to pair the Panical, a young organic, vegan and DO Terra Alta white garnacha wine.

An ecological and vegan wine

This wine goes very well with white meat fish such as a good sea bass or seafood, also with poultry or game fowl cooked in the oven or with touches of tophone or even chocolate, these dishes admit any variety of fresh and aromatic whites, as At the same time more unctuous whites like Llicsó, a white also from Grenache passed through the barrel, on another occasion we will pair the Llicsó.
Now the protagonist for this pairing is Panical, a white Grenache from Terra Alta that will go hand in hand with a Japanese recipe, and although most Asian cuisines have not had a long wine-making history, it does not mean that they do not pair well.

Makis with nori seaweed

It is a dish that despite its simplicity is not easy to pair, since nori seaweed has a peculiar and neutral flavor, this is the reason why it pairs so well with a garnacha from the Terra AltaSuch different flavors make them marry perfectly due to the salinity of the algae and the minerality of the wine, for example.
Success is assured.

Ingredients for 2 people:

200 g. Rice for sushi.
Season the Rice once cooked with a little soy sauce and ginger.
Nori seaweed.
For the filling: avocado, cucumber and prawn tails, sesame.

Wash the rice very well, you have to remove the starch and that is when after several washes the water comes out clear.
Cook it in the same proportion of water as Rice and leave it over medium-low heat for exactly 22 ″
Meanwhile we put the nori seaweed spread on a roll-up bamboo tray (shamoji)
Once the rice is cooked and seasoned with a few drops of soy sauce and ginger, we spread it gently on the surface of the seaweed.

The next step will be to put the ingredients:
The avocado and then the pickle in vinaigrette that we will have previously cut into thin slices.
Then we will place the peeled and cleaned shrimp tails (we will extract the central thread of the shrimp) and we will expel them with sesame seeds.

Finally, we will roll the bamboo mat carefully until we have a cylinder that we will cut into small portions of about 2 cm. in diameter and we will put in an elongated tray, that's it! Very easy.

Makis with avocado and shrimp

Japanese cuisine is a cuisine mainly of seasonal ingredients, a balanced and very subtle cuisine, this is the reason why I have chosen a young wine like Panical, an organic, vegan wine (we do not use animal protein for clarification), Mediterranean, with intensity, with aroma, the characteristic aroma that the Garnacha gives it and the minerality that the earth gives it.

It is young and fresh, with a very bright lemon yellow color, expresses all the Terra Alta features and from the terrer, it is fruity and intense and with medium persistence.

When you open it, it has an aromatic intensity of white flowers., I repeat an essential characteristic of the Terra Alta, already tropical fruit ... Citrus touches appear as secondary aromas too

On the palate it is fresh, and well structured, tropical fruit such as pineapple or melon reappear. Garnacha blanca wines are very pleasant on the palate.

MAKIS WITH NORI ALGAE, and a young white organic Garnacha Blanca, PANICAL.
An ideal marriage.

Dare yourself!

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