Eating foie gras is an almost thousand-year-old pleasure (the first foie gras recipes date back to 1,600 in France), which has the magical seduction of unique products. It is pure gastronomic delight, sublime refinement perfected and polished through the centuries. But a good foie gras must be accompanied by a good wine, otherwise we will spoil the experience and neither the foie gras will taste good, nor will we enjoy the wine. But how to choose which wine to accompany it with? This is what I will explain in this article.

White wine is the best way to consume foie gras, the French (kings of foie gras) always take it with a Sauternes, that is, a sweet wine that is almost a liquor, but our palate is not used to such sweet wines. and we usually prefer something less cloying.

How to choose a wine to pair with?

To begin with, when you make a pairing you must keep in mind a basic rule: you must never cancel or camouflage the flavors. The purpose of pairing is to enhance them, give them different nuances and create contrasts, but never lose the essence of the authentic flavor of the ingredients that we are going to pair with the wine.

To create successful combinations we have 2 options:

  1. Play with the similarity of flavors (for example, drink a glass of brandy with chocolate truffles in which the truffle has been made with brandy).
  2. Look for the contrast of flavors (for example, something sweet with something salty)

In the case of foie gras, I lean towards the second option, I would choose to look for the contrast.

Now you must ask yourself, what does foie gras taste like? Foie gras is usually duck, although it can also be goose. Its flavor and aroma are strong and penetrating, especially that of duck, with an appreciable point of acidity. Micuit (cooked in a water bath) is usually eaten to remove some of the fat that the liver carries, and before cooking it is left to marinate with brandy, cognac or armagnac. Salt and pepper are also added.

With all these flavor characteristics, to pair the foie gras we need a wine like Celler Arrufí Llicsó, a white aging, natural and vegan.

Wine Celler Arrufí Llicsó

In this wine we find a great variety of aromas of ripe white fruits and flowers that evolve towards peach and dried apricot, perfectly balanced with the notes of wood from the barrel. In the background aromas of fennel and Mediterranean plants emerge that give it the typical touch of our land. Surely your intuition already tells you that a portion of foie gras with some peach jam fits perfectly. Well, this component is provided by the wine.

Celler Arrufí Llicsó

Try and you will tell me.

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