Oysters are part of the high-end foods of different cultures, including ours, the Mediterranean. However, they have a very peculiar flavor and the first time they do not like everyone the same. In addition to being delicious, they are very good for your health, so they are one of the few pleasures that does not make you feel guilty. Oysters are rich in zinc, omega 3, proteins and minerals such as iron, so you can include them without problems in any balanced diet.Good oysters must be accompanied by a good wine, otherwise we will spoil the experience and neither the oysters They will taste good, nor will we enjoy the wine. But how do we choose which wine to accompany them with? This is what I will explain in this article.

To begin with, when you make a pairing you must keep in mind a basic rule: you must never cancel or camouflage the flavors. The purpose of pairing is to enhance them, give them different nuances and create contrasts, but never lose the essence of the authentic flavor of the ingredients that we are going to pair with the wine.

To create successful combinations we have 2 options:

  1. Play with the similarity of flavors (for example, drink a glass of brandy with chocolate truffles in which the truffle has been made with brandy).
  2. Look for the contrast of flavors (for example, something sweet with something salty).

In the case of oysters, I favor the second option, I would choose to look for the contrast.

Now you must ask yourself, what do oysters taste like? An oyster tastes like iodine and sea salt. And that is why many people say that its taste reminds them of the sea. It is a fine and salty taste. This already rules out all red wines, they would kill their flavor. We need a young and somewhat fruity wine. In our case, the ideal wine is Celler Arrufí Panical.

Celler Arrufí Panical Wine

This wine is intense on the nose, with notes of aromas of tropical fruits that will contrast with the salty taste of the oysters and light notes of Mediterranean herbs that will give it a touch of the Mediterranean ecosystem. Panical is also an organic and vegan wine. Ecological means that we have not treated the earth with chemical pesticides so its flavor comes from the soil, the sun and the dry wind of the Terra Alta. Vegan means that we have not used eggs to clarify it, so there is no animal product and its flavor is even purer.

Try and you will tell me.

Celler Arrufí Panical

Keep in touch,

Sol Fernández.

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