Eating a beef steak is one of those pleasures that evokes shared moments, a round table and great conversations. But a very important part of the success of a dinner with friends or a family meal depends on the wines that are chosen to accompany the food. That is why we often ask ourselves, what wine is best for red meat? And specifically, for a steak passed through the paella and accompanied by an original room?

To start with, with red meat we will always choose a red wine. Now I explain why: Red meat contains more fat than white meat and when we eat it, the first bites taste good and are intense in flavors, but when we have eaten two or three portions, we leave the flavor of note, why what's up Well, why has fat clogged our taste buds. This is where the tannins in red wine come in! Tannins, in addition to adding complexity to the taste of wine, are an element with astringent properties that dilutes the fat that clogs the taste buds. Every two or three servings of meat should always be accompanied by a few sips of red wine.

Tannin is a subdivision of polyphenol, a natural chemical substance that is found in plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves and fruit skins… and of course, in the skin of black grapes. It is what gives the red color to the wine. Tannins are useful molecules for human health, especially for their antioxidant properties, their ability to protect tissues from the action of free radicals due to cellular aging processes. Hence the (deserved) belief that a glass of wine a day is good for health.

With all these flavor characteristics, to pair with a good fillet of veal or even beef, we need a wine like Celler Arrufí Panicort Crianza, red, organic and vegan.

Celler Arrufí Panicort Wine

This exceptional wine with a bright red cherry color combines the sweet natural aromas of ripe red fruit with balsamic, spicy and Mediterranean undergrowth notes. It has been aged in oak casks for 12 months and stands out for the vivacity that the Carignan grape gives us (80%) and the freshness of the Garnacha (20%). We grow both grapes ecologically (that is, when we say "natural aromas" we mean precisely that) and their clarification is vegan (without products of animal origin).

Celler Arrufí Panicort

Try and you will tell me.

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