The beginning of the end,
first face-to-face event after long confinement.

Last Monday, June 14 at Born to Cook Barcelona (a Mastertast was held (C / dels Mirallers, 9 - 08003 in Barcelona).
It was a small-format event, an event where 7 wines were presented, each from a winery chosen within the DOTA regulatory council.
The event was preceded by a new MW: Álvaro Ribalta.


  • Álvaro Ribalta has joined the small group of MASTERS OF WINE ESPAÑOLES.
  • The last project he did before finishing the training was on sparkling wines made by the traditional method in the Penedés region.
  • Born in Barcelona, after finishing engineering he moved to London to learn the language and there he began to have contact with the world of wine and to train, although at the moment he is already back in Barcelona.
  • He passed all the exams the first time, especially in the tasting tests where there is usually a 10% pass.
  • Álvaro Ribalta with his MW appointment helps to give more presence to Catalonia and Spain within the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine.
  • A list that is made up of:
  • Pedro Ballesteros MW.
  • Fernando Mora MW.
  • Andreas Kubach MW.
  • Almudena Alberca MW.
  • Also name the MW resident in Spain:
  • Norrel Robertson MW.
  • Jonas Tofterup MW.
  • David Forer MW: "Spain is a country with great diversity!"
  • The first thing Ribalta was asked after obtaining the title was what Spanish wine lacks to improve its image in the international market, to which he replied:
  • “We have the product, the variety and the quality.
  • Smaller countries with less variety take up more space than we do on wine lists. Why can't Spain go just behind France? In the UK, Spain is at the same level as Austria. They do not have as much variety of climates and terroirs, but they have done very well since the scandal they had in the eighties thanks to an exceptional marketing work that has helped boost the presence of Central European wines. Spain is also on a par with Germany or Greece, where much less wine is produced.

For the event in question, 7 different references were chosen as I said before and they were "selected" by an exclusive tasting committee of DO TERRA. ALTA, and in which one of the wines chosen was, Celler Arrufí Panical, a wine that pays tribute to the most authentic Garnacha, an ecological and pampered Garnacha from the Celler Arrufí estates and that gives meaning to our way of being and of make.
Proud that the DO Terra Alta is reaffirmed to give visibility and is every year more a REFERENCE denomination of origin, especially in Catalonia but also in the rest of the state.

Professionals who trained and attended the event and tasting last Monday, June 14.

"I'm sorry if someone left me"

  • Joan Sánchez - @ Vinassos
  • Emma García - @ La Gulateca
  • Eva Vicens - @ Vadevi
  • Ruth Troyano - @ ruthtroyano
  • Sílvia Naranjo - @ La Guia de Vins
  • Gerard Birbe - @ Grup SOM
  • Mar Galvan - @ margalvan
  • Gabriela i Godo - @ Los Foodistas
  • Albert Aragay - @ Cuino Ergo Sum
  • Demos Bertran - @ El Vinet
  • Xavi Soriano - @ FavorCook
  • Roger Esparó - @ rogeresparo
  • Xavier Bassa - @ Vi Good
  • Savador Puig - @ salvadorpuig
  • Joan Ramón Bada-winemaker of Celler Arrufí - @ joanrbada
  • Jordi Rius-DOTA secretary -jordi_rius_girones
  • pcatS Comunicació- @ pcatscomunicacio

Let's not forget, I repeat, that the Terra Alta It is a land of Garnacha, an authentic emblem of our region and of our wines.
After the arrival of Ávaro Ribalta and the welcome drink service for those attending the event was Celler Arrufí the first of the 6 wines to be presented.
We had the opportunity to explain in broad strokes by the hand of Esteve Arrufí what is Celler Arrufí, what it represents for us and what we want or desire.
To then serve the wine, while Álvaro Ribalta performs the tasting.


Celler Arrufí Panical, Garnacha Blanca in its Pure state, represents the typicality of the Terra Alta with each and every one of the parameters that characterize it ... Salinity, AROMA, structure, and above all a living and authentic reflection and representation of the Grenache Blanc and Terroir
Happy to have attended this special event with one of our wines, with an exceptional representative such as Ribalta, and renowned experts, journalists, and sommeliers national and international of the world of wine.

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