image of the flower that gives its name to our upbringing, the PANICORT

Enjoy the red wine crianza with DO Terra Alta of Garnacha, and Carignan.

An ecological aging of our vineyards and elaborated with an intimate and very personal oenology, but always emphasizing its origin, the Terra Alta, That is the best guarantee and particularity seal, ecological Celler Arrufí Panicort 2017.
Its distinctive begins on its label, without a doubt the wines that are most liked are by the image of its label, although we must not forget that the important thing is its broth, it is true that, a wonderful wine and with an impeccable vinification process and laborious, unfortunately, it can discredit when it is dressed "in an improvised way", hence the importance of a good hanger, in sight it is the best letter of introduction to conquer and enjoy a wine that, among other characteristics, seduces the palate.

Panicort 2017

We have always wanted to maintain a balance in terms of the name, the meaning and the origin of the native plants and herbs of the Terra Alta and the breeding was not going to be less.

  • The Panicort or Panigroc (Anacyclus clavatus) is an asteraceous herbaceous plant, measuring from 10 to 250 cm. It is characterized by having a yellow bud in the center, and around the bud about 20 or 30 elongated white petals, there are 140 species.
  • It is also known by the name of wild chamomile or camomile la loca.
  • Although it comes from North Africa and South-East Europe, it is a very Mediterranean plant, but curiously it is found in Finland in abundance.
  • Pinnatisect leaves, grows on dry roads and slopes, does not exceed 1000 m above sea level and requires little rain, so Terra Alta is one of the preferred sites.
  • It blooms from May to June.
  • Despite its simplicity, it is complex and peculiar, this shrub has a very dark green stem and, with the contrast of its alternate white leaves, makes it very pretty and not so “simple”.
  • First thing in the morning, its petals appear inclined until they almost touch the stem, little by little they open.
  • It is said that it can help increase appetite, and that it has digestive and carminative properties.
  • There are people who prepare a tonic with alcohol and the leaves of the daisy, it is a bitter tonic that stimulates stomach secretions, enhances the appetite.
  • It is recommended to take on a full stomach so that the gastrointestinal juices and the infusion are better processed and the tonic does all its function.
  • A herb that needs sun, but that nevertheless, curiously, in Finland there is not enough and it is abundant, so the power of adaptation is how almost all the very large shrubs.
  • The active principles of panicort They are many:
  • Cathechic tannins, chrysanthemum, carbohydrates and saponins among others, it is simple but complex.

The Panicort is a CRIANZA made from Grenache Negra, which is the autochthonous variety of Terra Alta, and Carignan, an essential variety as well.
The calcareous soil of the region produces a grape with some wonderful and very remarkable peculiarities, this confers and gives the Panicort a very tasty point of salinity.

  • A deep red, bright cherry color with mahogany reflections.
  • On the nose we find sweet aromas of ripe red fruit, we can find small notes of cocoa and spicy notes and Mediterranean undergrowth, a pleasure for the senses.
  • And an Elegant Palate, with the liveliness that carignan gives us, and a perfectly balanced salinity with the maturity and silkiness of Panicort.
  • Recommendation:
  • With a perfect synergy, this crianza pairs with game meats and hearty dishes such as lamb in all its forms or duck in cranberry sauce.
  • Why? Because the juices and the fat of the meats refresh and soften the tannins of the red aging, the Panicort,
  • I recommend serving between 15th and 17th, although my preference is always 15th.

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