Pairing of Llicsó and coca de sardines, a typical dish from Batea

This dish pairs very well with Llicsó, our white crianza, 100% garnatxa blanca. I insist, how all our wines, organic and vegan.

Many people ask me what vegan means, well, vegan wines are those in which animal protein is not used for their classification, a process that the wine undergoes to eliminate the impurities that it may have in the previous step to bottling.

Normally, fish gelatin or egg white is used, they are the most common, but in our case when making the clarification process we use pea protein, although it can also be potato or wheat.

We could have used the traditional method when clarifying, and our wine would continue to be organic. But we wanted to go a little further, and make a product that is remarkable in its quality.

We believe and do the sustainable cultivation of our own vineyards, following each and every one of the stages and growth of the vinya throughout the year, that is, until it reaches our winery, essential for the elaboration that we want to do, but also We wanted to make a wine suitable for vegan people, and apart from that, we firmly believe that by using vegetable protein in clarification we cover a growing demand and a philosophy that goes hand in hand with the respect we feel and the love for the environment that we live.

I want to add that this clarification method, apart from being suitable for vegans, makes it possible to make wines like Llicsó, with some important qualities (such as a longer shelf life and a more intense and pure aroma).

That said, Llicsó, a wine aged for 3 months, is our most personal wine.

Following how I have commented before, we do an exhaustive control of all our vineyards, since it is harvested when our winemaker considers the most optimal moment. It is essential to harvest the grapes at the "perfect" time.

Its fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 18º for a period of between two to three weeks, and then it is aged in French oak barrels for three more months. We do it with the work of lees, which enhances the olfactory and gustatory characteristics of the wine, apart from extending its life.

The llicsó has a pale yellow color, but will always evolve to a bright golden color. On the nose we find white flowers, very characteristic of Terra Alta; fruit, like peach and apricot, and light aromas of fennel and rosemary. It has an elegant long and silky attack on the palate.

And it is that wine tells stories: of a favorable, pleasant environment; of a meeting, even a farewell; you can even count the best of all. Yours.

Coca de sardine typical of Batea


  • 250cl of oil
  • 250cl of water
  • 30g yeast in pill form
  • a pinch of salt
  • flour (whatever you need)
  • 3 peppers
  • 3 onions
  • 2 hull sardines


The previously tempered oil is added, then the water (with the yeast dissolved) and a pinch of salt. Mix all the liquids with a spatula to gradually incorporate the flour. Mix everything by hand, and knead it until it forms a dough that is compact enough to detach from the walls of the container. We are going to cover it with a cloth and let it rest for about three hours.

When they have passed, it is uncovered and spread with a roller on a flat and lined surface, so that it does not stick. Once it has been very fine, it is incorporated into a baking tray, also lined. The pepper and onion are added, all cut in julienne. Finally, the clean and shredded hull sardine. To finish, sprinkle with flour and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

We put the oven at 180º for 30 minutes.

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