Bad times for lyric, the meva generation ja sap of the group of which I speak and that goes fer that phrase so famous for us and for the time that will play viure and that will be mirava while we are turned into adolescents and mature migrants.
I do not know if it is a good start to start a blog, but the lack is not true and there is no way.
I notice an abans and a loss at that moment so convulsive that I lived, in this pandemic of gigantic and unpredictable proportions anomenada «coronavirus» or Covid-19.

In the wine sector in which I am a part, I have commented abans, I also have an abans and a després.

The situation is not easy, I know, but I began to reinvent ourselves, the vi has not dreamed of the camins de l'exclusivitat, yes, that also hi ha d'estar, but only a few will be played per la vareta Magical anomenada exclusivitat, i ben fet, but not ens oblidem dels nostres joves, dels who start timidly or who likes to drink a nice glass of white garnatxa from Terra Alta, accompanied by the colla, d'un grapat d'amics de torn, or of qualsevol altra situation conducive for this purpose
Aquest tipus d'amants del vi, són sense cap mena de dubte who will decide on the seu futur, the ones who predict, jutgen and value the fi i al cap la qualitat d'un bon vi, the retrogust that donates to the mouth For example, the aroma of vanilla or white flowers molt common to the high ground, they do not like qualsevol vi.

I encourage this youngest generation to what tasti els nostres vins, els de la Terra Alta la nostra DO, així with so many altitudes. I encourage that this sector arrived to all the people, both the experts and the initiates; a que faci baixar la people al carrer i les faci sortir i gaudir; That tothom, in short, can access a product that neix de la terra, which I estimate.

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