Ikigai and his philosophy

In these turbulent months, so expectant, so uncertain, where everything has stopped.

In this increasingly exciting world for me, which is the world of wine and in which, somewhat by surprise, it has become my profession, we are going to make a pairing.

Why don't we mix the Japanese philosophy of life with our way of living and feeling wine? Specifically in Okinawa, where the most centennial population in the world is concentrated, many of its inhabitants reach an average of 100 years.

We are absolutely Mediterranean, it is clear, and very different from Japanese culture and… of course it cannot be extrapolated to the West because they have another way of feeling, another completely different culture but… why don't we take note in some section of the concept called IKIGAI?

The word that I like the most and that they use a lot is Flow.

The end of this philosophy called IKAGAI It is discovering the facet in which you are good, the one that gives you satisfaction to do it and that you know that by doing it you contribute something good to the world, so that by practicing it you are telling your self-esteem, to rise to the top.

In the pairing of a good wine with a good dish, something similar can happen, momentary, but it can become a philosophy of life too, of your life with these little moments that you choose, on Friday nights with some good friends , with your coworkers, a work lunch, everything is in the approach that you want to give it and of course that flows with other aspects of your life, of course an exciting topic ...

The subtlety of a Japanese dish with a white garnacha from Terra Alta,Panical

Japanese cuisine is characterized by balancing, so that we will balance a simple dish with Panical, a young 100% white Grenache wine, the variety par excellence of Terra Alta (mention that the Terra Alta region is the largest producer of this variety in Europe).

The Panical is a wine with very accentuated characteristics of the Garnacha and the terroir.
The terroir is the most important thing when making a wine in which you want to highlight the personality of the area, it is a soil resistant to this variety, calcareous and very little fertile,
This helps that the Grenache produced is of a very, very good quality.

  • OLFATIVELY gives it an aromatic intensity of white flowers, very present in the region, and at the same time candied white fruit such as pear or even lychee, which is why we are going to pair it very well with this very simple Asian dish.
  • Tastefully it is a wine with a very fresh and persistent entry, characteristic of Grenache wines, well balanced, unctuous
  • VISUALLY it is lemon yellow, bright with a touch of gold.

Garnacha blanca pairs very well with rice, so we will make a Japanese dish

THE SALMON CHIRASHI, which will pair perfectly with Panical, an authentic Garnacha from the Terra Alta, organic, mono varietal and with the least possible manipulation at the time of its elaboration. It is what we want so that this young wine is a noble and pure wine with all the characteristics of the Garnacha.


  • 200g. sushi rice
  • 230 ml of rice vinegar
  • 200 gr water
  • 10 g sugar
  • 1 teaspoon wasabi (a very spicy Japanese radish paste)
  • Salt
  • 200g watermelon.
  • 200g. Salmon
  • soy sauce
  • toasted sesame


We wash the rice several times so that it loses its starch
We boil the rice in the same amount of water (about 7 minutes) depending on the variety and where we will have added the wasabi
In another container we prepare the "sushizu" a vinegar sauce with the sugar and salt, (this sauce flavors the rice)
Once the rice is at room temperature, add the watermelon cut into tacos and the sushizu sauce, (we mix it well)
We prepare the salmon cut into very thin and transverse slices and marinated for 1/2 h in soy sauce.

 We add the salmon to the rice and finish with sesame seeds.

Perfect pairing.

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