«Own criterion, sustainability and absolute passion are the words that would employ to define Cellar Pursed.»

Esteve Arrufí comes from a family with a long tradition of winemaking. Esteve inherited and jointly managed an old family winery for many years. He has always had in mind to create a project of his own, a personal project, to expand the vineyard, the Terra Alta region and its wine production.

In 2016 the construction of Celler Arrufi began and in 2019, Esteve, his wife and their 2 sons decided to undertake this independent and personal project. A project which, Winemaker Joan Bada, is also a part. We wanted a Winemaker who understood and produced wines that reflected everything we wanted to convey and this, without doubt, makes us an excellent team.

At Cellar Pursed are ecological for conviction.

Celler Arrufí is a winery with its own criteria, for us it is the base and the beginning of all professional and personal growth. Our objective is to produce wines with the least possible manipulation using the absolute star – the ‘Garnatxa’ grape. Whilst at the same time, reflecting our personal methods, our land, and our love for biodiversity. However, we are also very aware of the evolution and transformation of wine, the needs of the market and especially the final consumer.

It’s an attractive and quality winery, with a clear and proper criteria. A project that our family wanted to carry out for a long time, albeit full of difficulties, but of many satisfactions. Our family are aware that there is a constant evolution on this path, a path that we travel with passion, and above all, with sustainability.

This makes us more receptive to learning and listening about new recycling techniques, the innovation of fresh production techniques that help us to respect the wine process. Thus giving us the ability to direct and express in a clear and personal way the characteristics of our wines and our cellar.