Natural wine, that great unknown, a wine committed to the environment.

But I don't want to highlight only this aspect, natural wine is much more, it is commitment, and it is a philosophy. You may like it or you may not like it, generating a little distrust at times, but what is true is that the common denominator in this type of wine is respect for the environment and the health of an impeccable grape, where the elaboration without No chemical intervention or clarification will extract all the best of the terrer and of the grape variety that we use for it.

The highlights for a natural wine are:

  • Eco cultivation, essential for this type of wine, where respect, balance and treatment without chemicals in the vineyard is essential.
  • Grapes harvested at the right time of maturation and with extreme and meticulous health.
  • Fermentation with base of vat, this means that we cannot use chemical yeasts for fermentation, but the yeasts that the grape itself has.
  • No added sulfites, an antiseptic product, which allows the stability of the product so that bacteria do not proliferate.
  • In our winery, the production of natural wine is much smaller, since they are wines with a much more complex elaboration despite their “simplicity”.
  • And finally clarification, a process in the production of wine where animal or vegetable protein is usually used, and in natural wines none of them is used.

I want to add that the fact of being natural wines It does not mean that everything is valid under the name of "natural wine", nor that a cloudy color, a strange or strange taste even unpleasant are characteristics of a natural wine, everything is not valid and for this reason I want to emphasize that an extremely healthy meticulous, sustainable and balanced grape.

The natural wines of Celler Arrufí are very personal wines, each vintage is different from the previous one fundamentally due to the environmental and weather characteristics, etc. of that particular year.
We are very very happy with the results.

Sun Vi Blanc

Sun Vi Blanc is an organic white Grenache wine produced in one of our estates, "Trufes" located 379 meters above sea level, a honeycomb estate characteristic of Terra Alta, with rapid drainage and little organic matter, a plot that Esteve inherited from his grandmother.
Sol vi Blanc has an intense yellow color, aromas of white fruit like peach and almost guessing a slight hint of apple as well.

It is captivating, very personal, always with that white Grenache as the faithful protagonist of a land, ours. With that difference that natural wines make, but well made, with care, with precision, allowing them to flow, grow, mature, balance and be born.
When you taste it you find a silky, unctuous and balanced texture,
Garnacha, fresh Garnacha with the acidity point that gives it in a different way the good work and the elaboration of the Sol Vi.

Sun saw black

The natural wine from Celler Arrufí Sol Vi negre is a monovarietal black Grenache wine, an organic Grenache also grown on one of our "Massalocá" farms, it is a poor soil, with little organic matter and a high percentage of calcium carbonate, it is a simple soil , but very deep. A farm full of memories where that organic black garnacha will provide us with a foot of vat for the spontaneous and natural fermentation of the SUN VI and it will last 21 days. It has a purplish color, but with cherry and burgundy reflections.

When you serve it in the glass, a large glass, an aroma of berries surprises you, and ... when you taste it, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is an authentic wine, but not without complexity, nuances, a fresh wine.

Its passage in the mouth has that touch of black plum, and when you swallow it lightly, the red berries appear again, that fruit of the forest as the great protagonist and leading the way until the end.

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