Would you like a tasting in the Celler Arrufí garden?
Wine tourism is tourism in which wine is the protagonist, the host of the proposal.
Wine culture, culture of the area, of the terroir, and of the winery.
CELLER ARRUFÍ, joins a proposal that seeks to convey the essence of a region and in question everything that entails the wine product.
The confinement is over, which began on March 14, 2020 and on May 9, 2021, the legal situation prior to that date returns, dates to remember, I say this with caution, almost with some fear, although everything points to a certain normality and where everything is gradually putting itself in its place.
Wine tourism in the Terra Alta, long before the pandemic was focused as a potential project within our region, it is fashionable and the wineries offer attractive plans to get to know their vineyards and facilities, enjoying the countryside and knowing all the secrets of the wine, from the care of the vines to the different grapes and elaborations, and always respecting the security measures.
The Terra Alta region is still unknown, a land of great wines and great and good people.

Wine tourism at Celler Arrufí

The protagonist is you

Celler Arrufí is located in Batea, a town that was built on the top of a hill.

  • and where in the porches of the old neighborhood Gothic arches and a beautiful 13th century window stand out.
  • Its church, the Sant Miguel Arcángel church, large and stately in size, was looted and almost destroyed during the civil war.
  • El Calvari, recently restored and landscaped, a place full of charm.
  • The Font De Llavar, which preserves the 16th century laundry and where the women gathered to wash and, incidentally, have a social life, what a paradox.
  • Small shops where they make typical sausages etc., etc.
  • Emblematic places where to spend a good day or weekend.
  • Batea is a small town, and yet it is a place with a lot of life.
  • Vineyards where the light shines otherwise.

Now if, after visiting the most emblematic places of Batea, I feel like a good wine, will you sign up? Well, let's go! To Celler Arrufí.

Now if, after visiting the most emblematic places of Batea, I feel like a good wine, will you sign up? Well, let's go! To Celler Arrufí.

CELLER ARRUFÍ is… We are, a family winery, of our own production and where our winemaker Joan Bada, for me one of the best in the Region, makes and nuances each and every one of our wines.
"For this tasting" we are going to try a Panicort 2017, the aging of Celler Arrufí,
And why start with this wine? Because the occasion requires it, the state of alarm has ended, there are still some restrictions, but I want to "celebrate the new stage" with this aging in French oak.
I know it would be more common to start with a young white Grenache wine like Panical 2020, but… Today we will start and “CELEBRATE” with a crianza like PANICORT 2017, it gives fullness to the new period that is coming, which will surely be at least exciting.
Panicort 2017 is a Grenache and Carignan wine, varieties par excellence of the Terra Alta, and aged in French oak barrels and of course ECOLOGICAL, our wines are always organic and vegan clarified.
We are going to take it in the garden of the winery, still here, in our region, the weather is not very hot and it is perfect to welcome the period and season that is coming.

Rotundity, illusion, and freshness are the three words that come to mind for this plan.

  • Treat yourself and imagine.
  • A table of Iberians tasting a glass of Panicort and sitting in the garden of the winery in the late afternoon. ”A PERFECT PLAN”
  • It is a perfectly balanced wine with its maturity.
  • It has a bright cherry color with a deep and silky layer.
  • Olfactory you find aromas of red and ripe fruits and extraordinary balsamic notes.
  • When you taste it, it is long and voluptuous, and at the same time it has a fresh entrance and where the red fruits come out again.
  • A great wine, full of personality, Terraltino, charismatic and full of charm.

Let yourself be carried away by authentic things, with charisma, where you are the story.
A good conversation where the protagonist is you, without a doubt.
Where the difference, taste and honesty are palpable.
And you don't need anything else ... Little things that make you connect.
You always go back to the little things that make you happy,

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