Celler Arrufí Trepadella

DO Terra Alta, organic and suitable for vegans.

Municipality of Batea, at 379m above sea level.

Red Grenache 100%

The grapes are harvested during the months of September and October, when they are at their optimum ripeness. After a precise maturation control, the best vineyards are selected, which are harvested so that the grapes arrive healthy and in the best conditions for winemaking.

Fermentation at a controlled temperature between 22-25ºC for about three weeks.

Young wine from organic vineyards.

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Tasting note

Visual: TREPADELLA 2022 visually, in the glass, is a Grenache with cherry red reflections and a low middle layer, a bright wine that makes it very visually attractive.

Olfactory: On the nose there are balsamic notes, notes of compote, but with a touch of fresh red fruit, little by little it opens up and we find some very elegant citrus notes on the olfactory level and some mineral notes.

Taste: Spectacular, fresh on the palate, with a very polished and non-obtrusive tannin, with notes of fresh red fruits, hints of blood orange citrus and some balsamic notes. It is unctuous, long, floral and with a touch of anise. In short, a wine with extraordinary potential, balanced in all senses on an olfactory and gustatory level and with an elegant and long finish in the mouth.

Pairing: Celler Arrufí Trepadella combines with sausages, meats, risottos and charcoal.