Sol Vi Red • Natural Wine

DO Terra Alta, natural, ecological and vegan.

Municipality of Batea, at 379m above sea level. Finca Massalocà.

Red Grenache 100%

Harvested by hand into 15kg boxes in late September, early October.

Fermented with native yeasts. Fermentation takes place including the skins for 21 days, in a stainless steel vat with a controlled temperature of 22-25ºC. Once fermented, they are pressed and returned to the stainless steel vat where the malolactic fermentation ends. Then the sediment is allowed to naturally settle until the bottling process.

Ecological certification: located in the southern part of the plateau of Terra Alta. Medium drainage textures with little organic matter, high percentages of calcium carbonate, and active limestone. Moderately deep, basic soil <10 mg/L.


Tasting note

Visual: Violet in colour with subtle shades of cherry.

Olfactory: It is fresh, bold, and intense, with predominate notes of red fruits and blackberries.

Taste: There is a pleasant sensation of fresh fruit. It is a friendly, light and easy to drink. It is not filtered, it is not clarified and the total sulfites are 10mg/litre.

Pairing: Sol Vi Red combines with pasta and lasagna, poultry and grilled meat.