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Enjoy Wine Tourism in Celler Arrufi in a unique way, touring the Vineyards and the region of LaTerra Alta.
The region of the Terra Alta in the South of Catalonia, is the capital of the Garnacha and also an area of some of the best wines around Catalonia. Come to know this land so mysterious and so enigmatic at the same time.
We have prepared an authentic immersion in the world of Garnacha and Wine at the hands of administrations such as the Consell Comarcal, DO Terra Alta and municipalities and as not all of our wineries, 62 in total that is not bad for a region that has long been that lives mainly from the pagesia and that there is more and more awareness of territory and entrepreneurship.
The afternoon begins ,Panical and Trepadella

We have prepared an authentic immersion in the world of Garnacha and Wine.

Celler Arrufí is Terra Alta
Yoga & Wine

For celler Arrufí it is not a priority at the moment to dedicate it full time to wine tourism, but it is true that we have held several events within our winery that have really been very very interesting, such as Yoga & Wine.
Yoga & Wines was a wonderful experience led by Tania Tomás from @escapadell, a girl who started this intimate and different project and who, merged with Celler Arrufi wines, the triumph was assured, and now after almost 2 months you still see one perspective and an even more interesting and elegant vision, which is what we wanted that day. And I have to say that with Tania, I have wanted to have her here at Celler Arrufí for a long time, for her elegance, for her class, and for her kindness, she is pure genius !!.

After the yoga class Tania gave us, which was really pretty and
With that complicity that he always transmits, we prepare the day with a vegan snack based on:

  • Mini Skewers of tomato, olives and vegan cheese
  • Olivada and crudités,

that we marry with the Panical, our young organic white garnacha wine and that with these two dishes gave it a fusion of flavors that enhanced the tasting, which is what we want. It is balanced and with a soft salinity that gives the terroir to our vineyard. Very simple flavors than with

the Panical enhances it.

Synergy between the Terres de L'Ebre and the Terra Alta.

There is a very special relationship between Terres de L'Ebre and the Terra Alta.

We continue with a second pairing ...
  • Vegetable dumpling.
  • Vegan potato omelette.
We serve the Trepadella, A young wine from black garnacha Garnacha is one of the varieties that is hitting the hardest. It has been rediscovered in recent years. One characteristic is its freshness and a very marked fruit expression that is very popular with a young audience, and that paired the flavors of both the omelette and the vegetable patty very well.
Each and every one of the dishes that was tried is vegan, like the Celler Arrufí wines.

Chocolate and cream puff pastry roll, this dessert is paired with the Celler Arrufí Natural Wine, the Sol Vi blanc, a white Grenache wine, our variety par excellence, ecological and without added sulfites and that also goes to this dessert.
It is a wine that is recommended to consume about 6º or 8º depending on the taste of each person, it has a different elaboration than our other young wines, since it uses yeasts from the foot of the vat of the same grape. It has an intense yellow color and Mediterranean plants like fennel appear on the palate and a very pleasant balanced acidity, it is silky and this nuance makes it accompany the flavor of chocolate and cream, lengthening its unctuousness.
A day to remember and not forget, I am sure that each and every one of the people who came comes to mind a word, balance and enjoyment.
Another event to remember would be @SINERGIA VERSEGEN, 2 girls and a boy who have their region in their DNA and who have a fresh and authentic project.
Poetry and music of the Terres de L'Ebre, it must be said that there is a great and personal relationship between the Terres de L 'Ebre and the Terra Alta.
I always comment that at the moment full dedication wine tourism is not our priority, but when these events arise, spontaneous, involved in the territory, with authenticity, with charisma, with criteria, one cannot resist.
@SINERGIA Versegen

Change the xip and dare to discover new ways of seeing life in Christmas.
It includes wine tourism to Terra Alta Taste our wines, at Celler Arrufí, you are the protagonist.
Make your priority list and dare to change habits. Nothing is like before.

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