"A great wine requires a madman to make it grow, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover who understands it." 

Salvador Dali

And we are almost at the end of the summer, in the Terra Alta it is almost the last stage and the summer already hits its last tail

The harvest is approaching, there are practically days to go, here she is already the protagonist.

But, before talking about this summer, a summer half confined. At Celler Arrufí we have worked, not how it played or how it was obviously planned, it would be uncertain to say otherwise, but there was an increase in the consumption of wine and Bib in the food sector, (small shops and wineries) fortunately. And yes… we have worked hard in many ways and one of them will surely bear fruit.

We have had a peculiar, different and intense summer, visits that were pending months ago have taken the opportunity to come to the winery, clients who almost become friends, others who already are, interesting people, who you just met, or who you already knew In short, all of them are the protagonists of each tasting that takes place in our facilities, without a doubt they are the protagonists.

Another sector to mention among our visits has been the young people, who have surprised me a lot, young Prepared people who have shown a more than incipient interest in "this tasting" who want to know, who ask, who want to visit the vineyards, They are interested in the elaboration, or in the difference between an organic or vegan wine, who discover a unique sensory profile, they are wonderful.

In short we have all enjoyed. When you make wines where Ecological Quality prevails, Audited and certified by the CCPAE, respecting the terroir, and with an elaboration where the main objective is the least possible manipulation, but very attentive and with care in the process and evolution of the same, which expresses the region of the Terra Alta, the land where each and every one of Celler Arrufi's vineyards are, becomes a way of life and an added value.

The Celler Arrufí wine expresses where it comes from in a personal, clear, judicious and soulful way. This gives it remarkable taste and olfactory characteristics, of red fruits, of Mediterranean herbs, so ours, so local, a friendly and balanced mid palate, with a point of salinity and freshness, and the wonderful Garnacha.

We are not exclusive, exclusivity, fortunately, is of very very few, but we do make quality wines, we almost love the land in a visceral way, we could not make wines that were not in harmony and balance with everything behind it.
I repeat, it has been an atypical summer, but we have made the most of it, there have been very interesting people passing through the winery.

 They have really liked our young wines such as Panical, a monovarietal and organic white from Garnacha Blanca, with that point of salinity that gives it a very good combination with a good Teruel ham or some olives from Batea, fantastic.

The Corritjola rosé has also had its leading role, it is a fresh and very versatile wine that is associated with summer to enjoy it, it gives a lot of play, sushi and a glass of red garnacha rosé is perfect. But that can also be consumed during the winter with duck ravioli for example, the key is to enjoy the contrast that is generated.

And finally I want to highlight from the respect and objectivity to "them", our young women, women who are stomping, who despite their youth have very clear ideas, that they do not need anyone by their side to feel safe, except that They decide it, and that they have equality embedded in their bones, without needing to claim anything that they no longer know, that they enjoy life without more and without less.

Nothing more and nothing less, which is not little. I dedicate this post to them.

Celler Arrufí is a brand of authenticity, dedication and passion in its wines and in its land. We are proud to see how more and more young people are interested in them, in tasting them, and in pairing them. Because the future is certainly authenticity.

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