• For a long time we had in mind to make an organic vermouth, and it is finally on sale, it is not an easy task to obtain and obtain each and every one of the ingredients that this vermouth has in organic certification, all the ingredients that we have used are organic: caramel, botanicals, aromas, sugar etc.

Vermouth in organic certification

To be able to produce Celler Arrufí vermouth in certification and with the ecological seal, "we are part of the 6 wineries in the Spanish state that produce vermouth with the ecological and certified seal",
In addition to being a reserve product of the BIOSPHERE, we love it, we are happy to have achieved it.
The base wine that we use could not be otherwise, the white Garnacha that we make in our winery, Celler Arrufí.

We did two botanical macerations:

-The first contains more essential oils, spices and citrus extracts such as lime peel, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, wormwood, etc. Etc.

-The second one has more botanical and Mediterranean extracts such as rosemary, thyme, fennel, orange blossom, chamomile, elderflowers, etc. Etc.

Each one of them gives the vermouth those characteristic notes that will make it unique... the elderflowers give it that fresh and floral aroma, the cloves give it some intense notes that permeate the senses, the lemon adds a fresh touch and the notes herbal and green thyme, gives us a "lift-push", while the sweetness of cinnamon merges and precisely counteracts the bitterness of wormwood.

We have also used alcohol, sugar and caramel in organic certification, they are pure products, sugar from sugar cane has the purity that only what is not chemically treated confers, the same happens with caramel obtained from organic cane sugar, With an intense amber color, the precise consistency and a clear and delicious aroma, it marks the steps of the product that we want to elaborate.
The products we use mark excellence in every way.
Both the botanicals, we use two different formats to later mix in an alchemical way.
The aromatic profile of the botanicals in the vermouth is a balance between the herbal notes that make up the body of the product and the aromas of spices and citrus that give us the top notes, and that is what we wanted to achieve.

Tasting note

It is a vermouth aged in French oak barrels.

On a visual level it is an extraordinarily bright vermouth, very beautiful, clean, with a beautiful amber hue and caramel reflections.
A nivel aromático salen, primero de todo, las notas cítricas anaranjados, es un vermut mediterráneo al 100%, pero aquí sorprende también notas balsámicas, más complejidad, es un vermuth para disfrutar, incluso diría que es un vermuth gastronómico, para maridar, al final vuelven a salir las hierbas mediterráneas como el tomillo y el hinojo.
En boca es otra historia, aquí tenemos a nivel gustativo la elegancia, las notas cítricas que es la base de este vermuth y que se combinan y fusionan a la perfección con las partes de hierbas de monte mediterráneo. Tenemos un vermut más elegante, más largo, más untuoso, con un punto balsámico. El amargor que suele caracterizar al vermuth está muy integrado, hay un equilibrio perfecto entre dulce y amargo, un vermuth muy gastronómico, muy largo, te queda en boca, lo recuerdas muy agradablemente.

Yo lo aconsejaría a la hora de tomarlo, tomarlo sin más, sin añadir sifón, bien fresco, mantenido en nevera y servido a 7º en una copa de vino grande, incluso con una rodaja de naranja, pero sin hielo, únicamente el vermuth muy fresco.

It is a vermouth with a long and elegant finish, to be enjoyed alone.

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