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Vineyards and winery

Celler Arrufi is a small organic wine project. We only elaborate the production of our plots located in the municipality of Batea.

Our philosophy is based on respect for the land and the cultivation of local varieties.


The soils of the Tierra Alta are usually loamy and silty, between neutral and slightly alkaline and with little amount of organic matter. The most representative type of this soil is what we call here "honeycomb".

The panal is a soil with more predominance of sand than clay, it resists compaction very well and retains the necessary moisture for the development of the plant, allowing it to reach maturity without excessive depletion problems.

Wind and rainfall

The wind regime and rainfall conditions affect all Terra Alta wines. Rainfall in our lands is low: 300 to 400 L/m². 

As for the winds, we have two remarkable ones: Garbí and Cerç. The Garbí wind is of marine origin and rises from the southeast. It is a humid wind that, in summer, usually blows in the afternoon and evening and hydrates the plants on the hottest days.

The Cerç wind comes from the northwest and descends through the river Ebro valley. It is dry and cold in winter and, in spring, it acts as a natural protector against frost. When the wind blows, we rarely go below 0ºC. Also, because of its humidity, it acts as an inhibitor of mildew and other fungal diseases. The Cerç wind comes from the northwest and goes down the Ebro valley.


Eco cultivation

Change of Method

After decades of traditional cultivation, we witnessed many problems, compactions, resistance to pests and reduction of the vineyards' lifespan. In 2009 we decided to change to organic farming.

Green practices

We treat our land with respect, balance and without chemicals. We have improved the conductivity and microbiota of the soil, we do not use chemical fertilizers, fungicides or synthetic herbicides.

Healthy terroir

Decades later, the have been tangible and remarkable improvements. The vineyards have been revitalized and we are convinced that we have extended the plants' lifespan. We are very proud of the results!

Our winery

In the Celler Arrufí winery we work with minimal intervention to express the maximum authenticity of our wines.

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