Organic and vegan wines



At Celler Arrufí, we like to think that our wines have character and conscience. This means that they are not just great wines, but they have also been made in an environmentally friendly way.

Organic and vegan wines

Each Celler Arrufí wine has received third-party certifications for our organic and vegan practices. We make our wines with the least possible manipulation, reflecting our way of being, our territory and the love we feel for biodiversity and Terra Alta.

Not only do we cultivate in this way because we believe that caring for the land is the right thing to do, but it also turns out to be the best way to obtain authentic and distinctive wines. By treating our vineyards in the best possible way, we make wines that we are truly proud of.


The "Terra Alta" are wines with a guarantee of origin and a certified quality. In Europe, wine is the pioneer product in terms of protected designations of origin (PDO). The existing link between product and territory is explained through the terroir (geographical location, geomorphology and climatology); vineyards and grape varieties; the culture (history, tradition and know-how) and the type of wine to which this recognition is attributed.

The European Union establishes the main guidelines that determine the GUARANTEE OF ORIGIN AND QUALITY of products protected by a geographical indication or PDO, traditionally called, in the case of wines, "appellation of origin" (DO).

Our wines offer certified information on their geographical origin and various qualitative attributes. All the requirements that certify a winery and protected wines are collected in a single document, the Plec de Condicions de la DO “Terra Alta.