"Wine belongs to everyone" (year 1997)

José Peñín, Peñín guide

The bag in box is a container formed by a box which has an airtight bag inside and at the same time a valve with a small tap, which doses the wine as it is consumed There is a very specific code that identifies the container UN certificate, which is clearly indicated on the outside of the package. It is a perfect container for those customers who consume regularly, and who do not want to consume and uncork a bottle every day.

The bag in box allows the wine to be consumed and preserved once opened for up to 6 weeks, maintaining all the properties and aromas since it is vacuum packed and prevents light from entering. It is a container that is characterized by being resistant in its transport and practical in its daily consumption, its volume can be 2, 3, 10 and 20 L.

The rejection of this type of packaging began in the eighties, when the wine market was saturated and prices were at minimum, someone came up with the idea of introducing this type of packaging in which obviously costs were saved.

But in reality, as José Peñín of the Peñín guide said in his day, the problem was not the packaging, but the wine inside, since it was a wine of a very low quality, and undrinkable,

Wines from uncontrolled fermentations and a high concentration of sulphites "among other properties" of fright. In recent years, and especially now due to the situation we have, we realize that this type of packaging is "in crescendo".

It is a format that is suitable for daily consumption households that want an inexpensive wine and that does not mean to renounce quality and then when the weekend arrives, uncork a bottle full of charm, a reserve or a young white from any winery. , with its label and its history where in a relaxing climate you can savor and enjoy.

Obviously the story is different but not worse but different. The bag in box also approaches young people who are starting in the world of wine and do not want to go through certain stiffness or old-fashioned snobbery
Because it is easy to drink and transport, this type of packaging is becoming fashionable in certain bars and wine bars in New York.

Wine belongs to everyone "(year 1997)

José Peñín, Peñín guide

The bag in box nowadays is a wine of a surplus quality and that thanks to its packaging makes it more economical, therefore this option allows to approach a type of consumers, that Celler Arrufí likes, young people who are beginning to timidly start in the tastings. Apart from all this, wineries like Celler Arrufí that we have bet from the beginning on sustainability and that we are ecological from the beginning. We take into account that the 95% in this container is recyclable just like “glass” and uses 80% less plastic than the rigid containers.

Let's democratize wine and its consumption, let's reach out not only to a certain sector but to all and the bag in box can facilitate the approach to these consumers who are now starting, or to the homes of people who reserve a good bottle of wine for more special occasions like on weekends, but who wants to enjoy quality wine at a more affordable price.

Celler Arrufí gives its place to this format, a different format, even with a bad reputation but that goes with the reality of the moment, and no matter how hard we try it is.

We want to bet on, as I have said before, to democratize its consumption, a responsible consumption, but that reaches all pockets, this does not mean that it is a wine of inferior quality, much less, but yes, an adaptive product to a clientele that could not consume it regularly. And at the end of the day, what Celler Arrufi wants is to make its product known and for consumers to buy it, which is what it is about, to also say that a sustainable agriculture and product usually ends in a quality product as a general rule. .

It is a very difficult year in terms of vine pests, and it would be much easier if we were not ecological and sustainable, to combat them with chemical products that are usually faster and that usually guarantee the harvest, being sustainable often gives you a certain uncertainty . But obviously we want a wine that is as pure as possible, and that expresses the best of the land, of the area, of the variety, and for Celler Arrufi this begins with the sustainability of the environment, which is why I mentioned earlier that they tend to go from the hand, if not it would not make sense and more in such difficult years.

Wine is made so that consumers can drink and enjoy it, in all formats and on all possible occasions that life offers you, not one, but many, which is why it is life,
I refuse to take one option, I want all of them!… I want to live the wine, I want to drink life

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