Sol Vi White

Location: municipality of Batea. 379 meters above sea level.

Variety: 100% White grenache, ecological certification of Terra Panal. Moderately coarse texture, quick-draining, with little organic matter. Deep soil.

Natural wine


Harvested by hand into boxes of 15Kg during September.


Fermented with native yeasts. Fermentation with 10% of the skins for 21 days in a temperature controlled stainless steel vat. Once fermented, it is transferred and left to ferment naturally until bottled. Total production Edition of 1300 bottles.

Tasting notes

    • Visual: Intense yellow in colour. Because this wine is not filtered, the colour may be a little cloudy.
    • Olfactory: A high intensity with aromas of white fruit, peach anc citrus. Undertones appear of fennel and Mediterranean plants. The nose is complex and full nuances.
    • Taste: Oily on the palate with a silky texture and a very well balanced acidity that makes the wine pleasant and fresh. It’s not filtered, it’s not clarified and the total sulfites 10mg/L.

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